Saturday, December 8, 2018

Clayton Dive Club Meeting November 2018

The meeting was opened by club vice-president Charlie Stage at 7:00 pm
on November 14.  In attendance were Diane Hammond, Charlie Stage, Joe
Dudiak, Ken Kozin, Carol Kozin, Kathi McCarthy, Dennis McCarthy.

Secretary report:  Joe Dudiak read the minutes from the September
meeting.  The minutes were then accepted as written.

Treasurer report:  Ken Kozin reported that the current club balance is
$511.21, including $131.05 in the mooring fund.   The treasury report
was then accepted.

Old Business:

● Ken Kozin reported that all club supported buoys have been removed for
the winter.  They include the Maggie L, Vickery and Keystorm.  The Eagle
Wing buoy was also removed.  Ken will gather material that will be
needed to fortify the light cages of each of the buoys for Wayne to weld
(winter project).

● Dive Site Project;  Joe Dudiak reported that his efforts to speak to
John Buker, Clayton Village Trustee, continue to go unanswered.  Phone
calls as well as emails have been ignored. Finally, after leaving a
message with Mayor Norma Zimmer, Joe received a call from the Village
Clerk, Joanne Lennard-Boye. Joanne indicated the Joint Application will
not be signed and submitted until the Village Planning Board
investigates the project with the NY Office of General Services.   This
could take a while!

● Charlie Stage reported that the Divers Access Dock was removed for the
season.  It appears the damage as a result of high winds was repaired by
the village maintenance crew.

● There was discussion regarding the club's participation in the Clayton
Christmas parade.  After a variety of options were discussed, it was
agreed that it is too late and that the club will not participate this

New Business

● Election of Officers for 2019 Kathi McCarthy will again lead the
nomination and voting of new officers.  Kathi will send a separate email
to all club members to collect nominations and voting results.    -

● The December meeting will be the annual Christmas dinner.  The dinner
will be held at the newly opened Island Bay Pier House in Clayton and
will be held on Monday, Dec. 10.

● The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 by vice-president Charlie Stage.

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